Friday, August 20, 2010

Emails from 8/20/2010

Please let's solve this beaver issue. I have heard enough beaver blogs. Seriously, we know there is a beaver issue. Is this website used for tweeting? just curious. -Matthew

In my opinion the matter of the beaver is an issue of community concern. Along with damage to the Huntley Hills Park which is of concern to the city, apparently there has been damage in numerous private yards. This information has been gleaned from the HH website conversations. Isn't that the purpose of it? And, at least within the city limits of Chamblee, I think taxpayers would be interested in the workings of the city and how their $$$ is spent. So, even though I treated the matter with some levity, it is very real. And with the help of the city, and this website, I have come up with a solution. I am sorry that you classify this as tweeting, to me it was a great and enlightening conversation among citizens. Viva the electronic age! -Leslie

Jesus people. Enough with the Beaver Crisis. -Steve

As entertaining as the exchange of these emails has been (from both sides). Really, my husband and I have had some good laughs at some of the offered solutions.
I created to post info about the Huntley Hills Beaver so that everyone's email boxes aren't filled with updates and comments on the beaver. Gives the group the place to check for updates and we can leave this yahoo group out of it until something more has been established as the answer. If you would like to be added as a blog contributor let me know and I will give you the info. Otherwise most info will need to be posted as comments. I tried finding another way to create the site where it would act almost as a bulletin board but didn't have much luck, if someone else has a better idea, it's all yours but thought I would throw this one out there for now.

Dear st (whoever you are) and fellow group members,
What about enough with the crime reports, the recommendations for home repair and cleaners, the updates on speed tables and community events and home sales, coyote sightings, lost pets and yes beaver damage? These are all relevant concerns for our neighborhood and I for one don't have a problem with having information and community dialogue. I thought that was what this yahoo group was about. If you don't want to participate and only want to berate people for expressing their concerns don't read the emails or better yet don't respond with negativity (and profanity). Even better yet, remove yourself from the group if it is to bothersome to receive the updates. You can also reconfigure your group settings to receive one daily message with all the threads.
Most of us are trying to be good neighbors and that's what good neighbors do, talk to each other. We're all in this together.

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  1. I'm just offering this as a suggestion. Since this became such a hot topic I thought it might deserve its own page.